Thavathiru Brahmachaari Ramaswamy Adigalar



  •  Nangavaram Pannayaar Thiru.N.A Renganaatha Aiyyar
  • Collector R.S.Malayappan
  • Justice Thiru. Maharajan
  • Arutperundhiru. Thirumuruga Kirubanandha Vaariyaar Swaamigal

With the able support of these individuals and the rightful guidance of the then Chief minister of Tamilnadu Thiru. Peraraingar Annadurai, Karmaveerar Kamarajar, Kalaingar Karunanidhi,

Puratchithalaivar M.G.Ramachandran and Puratchithalaivi Selvi J.Jayalalitha, the kudil took shape and was fully functional by 1975.

The vision of the Kudil is to offer the destitute/homeless kids the needed food, shelter clothing; teach them livelihood through Gandhian way of hard work and make them good human beings.

– Educating them till 10 the grade and making them pass through effectively

– Equipping the ones who successfully pass 10th grade with ITI/Polytechnic education

– Empowering Entrepreneurship to people who have the passion to enterprise on their own

About the Management

The Team that Runs Kudil :
Secretary :  Thavathiru.Brahmachari Karuppaiah

Joint Secretary: Thavathiru Brahmachari Veerachandran

Brother’s : Thavathiru Brahmachari Parthipan

Thavathiru Brahmachari Dhanasekar

Thavathiru Brahmachari Vinoth

Thiru.K.Chezhian High School Headmaster

Thiru.P.Thirumoorthi Elementary Headmaster

Thiru.S.Veeramani High School Assistant Headmaster

The Educational & Extra Curricular Programmes in Kudil

Computer Education  :  Bharadhidasan University course IECD Certificate Programmes

Drama: Every student is exposed to the world of theatre and the merits that it does to the mind and the body

Prayer practice: The students are trained with 108 mantras and the ability to perform prayers, and seek the divinity of life.

Physical Education: Yoga, Kabadi, Volley ball, Foot ball and more.